When we talk about patient-centered care, patient safety is an essential aspect. It is related to the whole patient experience and their health outcomes. However, many clinicians often exclude patients from their safety protocol.

Listening to patients, driving their satisfaction, and adequately engaging them are vital to supporting patient safety initiatives. Likewise, we have to be sure that patients and caregivers are aware of their care and can help prevent risks and errors.

From March 12 to 18, we observe Patient Safety Awareness Week.

What does patient safety mean?

Patient safety was born in response to the evolving complexities of healthcare systems. In addition, patient safety’s primary goal is to reduce and prevent risk, harm, and errors that affect patients while providing healthcare.

It is a fundamental discipline to deliver quality health services. There is a strong consensus that health services should be people-centered, effective, and safe.

The most common patient safety concerns are:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Medication misuse
  • Wrong prescriptions
  • Surgery complications
  • Hospital infections
  • Falls
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What does safety mean to a hospice patient?

Safety is a significant concern as patients enter the end-of-life stage because of their progressive illness, weakness, and limited mobility. Mistakes can happen during hospice care, like in any other healthcare areas. However, communication, diligence, and adherence to safety protocols can prevent these issues.

The goal of hospice care

Nevertheless, a fundamental goal of hospice care is to make patients feel the most comfortable possible during their final stage of life. Acknowledging that it is important to discuss the time patients and families take to decide to enter a hospice program.
Choosing the right time to begin hospice care is a matter of safety.
We know this decision might be overwhelming, but it is also empowering because an impressive display of assistance and supportive care becomes available for the patient and their family.

At Ascend Hospice Care, we can provide all the resources needed to care for a loved one in the comfort of a home. In addition, we can assist with information regarding hospice patients’ safety or any other concerns you may have.

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