In 1963, President John F. Kennedy met with the National Council of Senior Citizens to discuss the needs of older adults. This event led to the designation of May as Senior Citizens Month, which was later changed to Older Americans Month.

This May is an exceptional opportunity to recognize the many ways older adults contribute to their communities. It is also a fantastic time to acknowledge how your aging loved ones can live independently. Moreover, May could mean a month to reflect if we are taking good care of our older adults.

The role of older adults in our community

It is a fact that people live longer than ever, and that should be celebrated as a success in life. Older adults contribute to society in many fashions. For example, they use services, shop, and pay taxes. Moreover, seniors are also generous givers, making more charitable donations than any other age group.

Older adults can do housework and home and yard maintenance; they can even look after grandchildren allowing parents to remain productive while their kids grow. Seniors can also act as the primary caregivers of their significant other when they start undergoing treatments, including hospice care. They take care of everyone from the bottom of their hearts, and that’s why they should be honored.

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Celebrate with your loved ones

By acknowledging older adults’ contributions, the community becomes more age-inclusive and reflects a more accurate vision of how most of us engage with each other regularly. Here are some activities that we can share with our older loved ones:

  • Learn from them. Older adults are usually more experienced than others in their craft or art.

  • Let them tell you their stories. Sit down with them and listen to the tales they have to tell.

  • Exercise together. Let them be active if they still can.

Observing Older Americans Month

Unfortunately, the older population living with chronic conditions is expected to increase in the coming years. That’s where elderly hospice care becomes a valid option for older adults who seek comfort and peace in the final stage of their lives.

At Ascend Hospice Care, we provide support in our communities to ensure that our older loved ones feel loved and dignified, even with having a progressive disease. When quality of life matters the most, we are here to help. So please, call us regarding any concerns you may have.

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