What is the history of Montgomery, Texas?

Montgomery was founded in 1784 and is said to be where the lone-star flag was born. The population has been multiplying in the last couple of decades. Ranking 24th in fastest growing counties in the USA, the needs, attractions, and health services have also increased.

What attractions to visit in Montgomery, Texas?

This county gives its visitors a pleasing and relaxing experience with its many natural and modern attractions. Here is a list of the most famous attractions in Montgomery.

  • Memory Park

  • Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary

  • Sunshine Farm

  • Cruise Lake Conroe

  • Cork This Winery

This county is known for trying to preserve wolfdogs with the Texas Wolfdog Project. They exhibit this animal in a nature-preserved space where people can take pictures and enjoy the experience.

Here is a website of other activities you will enjoy in this county: Montgomery Attractions.

What are the healthcare needs of the residents of Montgomery, Texas?

With a population of 13.6% over the age of 65, Montgomery has a health score of 61 and a life expectancy of 79.9 years old.

Some other essential data about this county:

  • 14.8% of the population smokes – 5.2% below the national average.
  • 17.3% of people do not have health insurance.
  • 36% have obesity.
  • 10% of the population suffers from diabetes.

Montgomery has a higher pollution rate than the average county in the US., with pollution of 7%, causing airborne cancer risk to be higher in this county.

Cancer and heart disease are the county’s two most common health issues. With a higher rate of pollution and a low percentage of people with health insurance, it’s essential to know the benefits Medicare provides in case someone you know needs it.

How can Ascend Hospice Care help the residents of Montgomery?

How can Ascend Hospice Care help the residents of Montgomery?

Montgomery’s population’s median age is around 40 years old. With a small percentage of seniors. Yet, with higher pollution levels and obesity, people in this county tend to develop cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases more than in other counties.

For people suffering from the conditions mentioned above, Ascend can help with hospice care.

Our team of professionals and compassionate nurses can take care of people that are diagnosed with terminal conditions, such as:

Here is a link to our blog (What are the Criteria for Hospice Care?) in case you need more information about hospice eligibility.

Here you will find important information you could need in emergencies – from hospitals to pharmacies, and benefits are all here.

You will find the following helpful link l if you live in this county: Government public information.