In 2024, Kidney Cancer remains the 6th most prevalent type of cancer in the United States, annually affecting nearly 81,610 individuals and claiming the lives of approximately 14,400 Americans. As March was designated as Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, raising awareness and understanding how this disease impacts people’s lives within our community is crucial.

Advanced kidney cancer

The kidneys contribute to blood pressure control and red blood cell production by regulating salt, water, and waste products. Kidney cancer initiates when a healthy cell within one or both kidneys undergoes uncontrolled mutations, forming a renal cortical tumor. This tumor can lead to various complications, including spreading cancer cells to other body parts, impaired blood filtration by the kidneys, retention of excess fluid and waste, and the potential development of chronic kidney disease.

In the advanced stages of kidney cancer, when pursuing a cure is no longer an option, patients and their families face difficult decisions. Uncertainty and anxiety are normal emotions during this time, but resources and support are readily available. People diagnosed with kidney cancer are encouraged to have open discussions with their healthcare providers to comprehend their diagnosis and the course of the disease. Seeking knowledge about the condition often eases the journey for many.

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A compassionate option

Addressing advanced or metastatic kidney cancer involves acknowledging that a cure is unlikely, but treatment can effectively control the disease and alleviate symptoms. Beyond medical interventions, prioritizing patient comfort and dignity becomes paramount. Coping with advanced cancer is challenging, and seeking support from hospice professionals, family, and friends is essential.

For those patients in the end stages of kidney cancer, addressing end-of-life wishes becomes crucial. At Ascend Hospice Care, we stand ready to provide compassionate and dignified support to patients and their families during this challenging process. Our mission centers on helping everyone involved confront this phase surrounded by love and respect.

As we observe Kidney Cancer Awareness Month this March, let’s honor patients and caregivers. Reflect on the lives lost, stand in solidarity with those still fighting, and contribute to the awareness campaign by:

  • Wear an orange ribbon – It symbolizes kidney cancer awareness and serves as a visible expression of support.

  • Share your story – Take to social media to share personal experiences or lend support, fostering a sense of community.

  • Donate to kidney cancer organization – Contribute to organizations dedicated to kidney cancer research and patient support.

  • Encourage caregivers – Offer words of encouragement and appreciation to the dedicated caregivers providing invaluable support.

Let’s ensure that comfort, dignity, and compassionate care remain at the forefront of our efforts. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by kidney cancer.

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