With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, February is full of heart decorations. However, amidst the festivities, a few of these hearts symbolize a different cause – American Heart Month. Heart disease remains the primary cause of death for Americans, spanning all genders, ethnicities, and ages. This month presents an ideal opportunity for individuals to educate themselves and broaden their understanding of effective strategies for maintaining a healthy heart.

History of American Heart Month

As one of the millions who have suffered from heart disease, President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed February as American Heart Month in 1964. Since then, organizations and individuals have been encouraged to participate in this month’s activities. From learning to cook heart-healthy meals to developing healthier habits, we can understand more about our hearts and how to keep them in perfect shape.

During this month, our discussions also focus on hospice programs. Advanced heart disease is often accompanied by an array of symptoms, necessitating an informed decision-making process for patients regarding their treatment options. The hospice care approach is a personalized and compassionate method of care that allows patients and their families to receive support and guidance throughout their journey.

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Tips to Prevent Heart Disease From Progressing

  • Keep weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure in check.

  • Exercise 30 minutes a day.

  • Manage or lower stress levels.

  • Maintain a salt and saturated-fat-low diet.

How to Observe American Heart Month

It is an opportunity for everyone to explore their health habits and risks. Heart disease can affect anyone at any time, so help the cause by learning, educating, or donating.

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