As we transition through existence without difficulties, we divide life into cycles; the easiest way to define processes is through time. Hours, days, months, and years begin and end as relentlessly as time.

We recognize the utmost value of the quality of our time with our loved ones. However, the perception changes when we have a loved one facing a terminal illness or dealing with the end of life. Somehow, time is less critical than before.

Hospice care means a lot more than physical care. It hints at emotional and spiritual care as well. Sometimes, the end of the year could mean the start of a year without a loved one. At Ascend Hospice Care, we can not thank you enough for your support. We are thankful for the opportunity to provide comfort, dignity, and peace to all of our beloved patients’ through 2022.

It can be challenging to stop defining our days by fears and worries. Instead, Ascend focuses on the joy of having an extra moment with our loved ones. So please, use these new year’s celebrations to think about the good we have before us. Even when facing death, life is worth living.

As 2023 starts, it is essential to maintain sight of the most profound meaning of hospice care: A honoring of life, a time of peace, and a gentle awareness of what is to come.

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We understand that the decision to transition towards end-of-life therapy needs to be taken with utmost care, that’s why we created this helpful blog.