The effects of transitioning from curative treatment to hospice care are truly significant. By combining social support, physician management, and nursing care, patient’s conditions can be stabilized, and their quality of life can be improved. In fact, numerous studies suggest that receiving hospice care earlier in the disease process can even extend life.

However, it’s common for patients to have concerns about entering a hospice program, and their loved ones may struggle to find the best care possible. This is often due to the myths surrounding hospice care, fears of losing hope, and concerns about losing comfort before hospice.

Hospice is not about curative care

Receiving a progressive disease diagnosis can be very difficult to handle, but having someone by your side can make it less scary. Your choices can significantly impact the way your end-of-life experience goes. It is important to remember that hospice care focuses on the comfort and dignity of people in their last stage of life. Hospice care patients no longer pursue a cure for their disease.

Moreover, if a patient’s condition improves during hospice, their doctor can reevaluate the six-month life expectancy prognosis. Patients can stay in hospice care for longer than six months because of this reason.

Medicare hospice is a benefit that belongs to the patient, along with Medicaid and some insurance policies. It is important to note that when patients enter hospice, it is because they choose it and they qualify for it.

revoking hospice care

Hospice revocation

Hospice care is always a patient’s choice. If someone elects to stop receiving the service, it is called “revoking hospice care.”

Patients may decide to stop receiving hospice services for several reasons, including:

  • Opting for surgery
  • Resuming curative efforts
  • Transferring to another service

It is vital to respect a patient’s decision regarding hospice care. While no one should feel pressured into receiving it, many patients who initially refuse hospice change their minds and feel satisfied with their choice. As caregivers, we advocate for patients’ freedom to choose their path and timing. Respecting their right to make decisions is crucial in helping them embrace their unique end-of-life journey.

At Ascend Hospice Care, we will support every patient’s decisions about their treatment, especially when they are confident that it is in their best interest. We will always welcome them back if they elect to return and are eligible to receive hospice care.

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