When a loved one is reaching the end of their life, they may value our presence more than anything else. During this time, words may become less important, and life’s rhythm slows down. Hospice care offers comfort, support, and compassion during the final stages of life.

As your loved one approaches their final days, certain end-of-life signs may appear. They may begin sleeping more as if preparing for their eventual rest, and their body may slow down. They may become unresponsive and difficult to wake, but even in these moments, your touch and voice can provide immeasurable comfort.

What to say to someone who is passing?

Creating a bridge between you and your loved one can be as simple as sitting by their side and holding their hand. By doing so, you can guide them and assure them that they are not alone. Although words may not come easily, memories remain vivid. Share stories of cherished moments, laughter and tears, adventures, and quiet times. These stories bring a sense of warmth and familiarity.

Expressing your gratitude in these moments is essential. Thank them for the moments you’ve shared, the lessons they’ve taught you, and the love they’ve given. Share words of love, or find the courage to offer forgiveness. It is known that hearing is often the last sense we hold onto. Therefore, assume they can hear you, and your words reach their soul, wrapping them in love.

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Prioritize the patient’s comfort

Being present when the time comes is a profound human experience, a gift that transcends words, an offering of companionship, and a reassurance that no one walks here alone. Hospice care is not just about medical support; it’s about holding hands, sharing stories, and creating a peaceful space where love can flow freely.

With you around, your loved one finds solace and comfort. At Ascend Hospice Care, we will gladly help you to become a light in the patient’s way. Our dedicated and compassionate team will assist you both to find comfort in the knowledge that they were truly and deeply loved.

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We understand that the decision to transition towards end-of-life therapy needs to be taken with utmost care, that’s why we created this helpful blog.