In 1988, the World Health Organization established December 1 as World AIDS Day. A global event in which governments of all around the world, United Nations agencies, and civil society work together to address specific campaigns around HIV and AIDS prevention.

Last year, the focus was on ending inequalities that make it more difficult to fight against AIDS. Because we, as humanity, are not on track to end the AIDS pandemic. Every day, new infections rise, and AIDS-related deaths continue in many communities. Some of the inequalities that put a barrier in the fight against HIV are:

  • Gender. Women and transgender persons are more likely to be left out of education programs.
  • Age. Still today, there are many children living with HIV who don’t receive enough health services.
  • Access to education. Marginalized communities don’t have enough access to prevention campaigns.
  • Sexual orientation. There’s still a significant amount of discrimination and stigmatization for people living with HIV/AIDS.

This year, we Equalize!

If inequalities are holding the world back in its efforts to end AIDS, it is time for everyone to equalize. This slogan is a prompt for everyone to take action and address all of these inequalities preventing the end to AIDS/HIV.

Inequalities still exist for the most basic services. We aim to ensure that every person on every corner of the planet has equal access to HIV information, testing, prevention, treatment, and care. Public agendas should adapt to meet the most at-risk populations’ requirements. Of course, a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination or stigmatization in public health services should be first in order.

In the world, over 70% of new HIV infections are among the most marginalized and sometimes criminalized communities. If these structural barriers are removed, we can reach one step closer to ending AIDS and scale up HIV services equally among all communities.

On World AIDS Day, December 1, Ascend Hospice Care Organization encourages you to:

  • Spread the word and promote awareness of HIV information.

  • Show appreciation to your local staff and volunteers.

  • Increase the visibility of the public agenda about laws and policies to stop discrimination.

  • Honor patients and their families by having a reunion or fundraising.

This month is an opportunity for you, your family, and your local community to understand AIDS/HIV better and spread awareness about this disease.

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