As we navigate through life, we often seek to maintain a sense of control over various facets of our existence. However, as we grow older, we inevitably encounter situations that are beyond our control, ultimately leading to unexpected outcomes. Engaging in conversations about these matters can be challenging, as they force us to confront the finite nature of our time and grapple with the fear of mortality.

Discussing end-of-life options can be challenging for anyone, mainly when a loved one currently deals with a progressive illness. Advanced healthcare directives nationwide have addressed end-of-life care issues, aiming to change how people talk about death and dying and plan for it.

Five Wishes document

Five Wishes is one of the most well-known living wills in the United States. It helps patients express their healthcare preferences in various aspects of decision-making, including medical, legal, personal, and spiritual areas. This document enables patients to clearly communicate their care preferences and inform their loved ones and healthcare team about their expectations.

  • 1

    Who will make healthcare decisions when the patient can’t make them

  • 2

    The kind of treatment desired or rejected

  • 3

    How comfortable the patient wants to be

  • 4

    How the patient wants to be treated by other people

  • 5

    What the patient wants to tell their loved ones

final moments

Five Wishes in Texas

While the Five Wishes document meets legal requirements in most of the country, the Texas Advance Directives Act requires that an additional government-approved form be used to express a patient’s wishes. Here is a link where you can download the state form.

The Five Wishes document is an excellent way to address meaningful conversations with our loved ones. While points 1 and 2 record medical and legal decisions, points 3, 4, and 5 provide personal questions that allow patients to be specific about their desires.

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