There is a misguided belief nowadays that states that older adults become invisible to society, especially if they haven’t aged well. However, the opposite is true since many pieces of research have shown that spending time with elderly loved ones is highly advantageous for everyone, including children.

Their remarkable resilience and fascinating stories are genuinely awe-inspiring to witness firsthand. Survivors who have lived through significant historical events, such as wars, offer valuable insights even as their memory fades and cognitive abilities decline. We must recognize and appreciate the contributions of older adults, which continue to endure well into their later years.

What do our aging parents need from us?

As our loved ones get older, spending time with family becomes their top desire. Although sending cards, making phone calls, and giving gifts are all thoughtful gestures, nothing compares to the impact of spending quality time together.

We all age, and as it turns out, we realize how important it is to be on good terms with the people who mean the world to us. Starting a relationship with our parents or other loved ones who need care might feel overwhelming. But there should always be time to form or reform a bond. If you prioritize building a stronger bond while caring for your aging parent, performing activities they enjoy can be an excellent starting point.

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So much wisdom and knowledge in one place

As an adult, spending time with your parents can reveal new dimensions to them and deepen your mutual understanding. Even in later years, they can still teach you invaluable life skills that only a parent can impart.

Having gained wisdom from their own experiences and those of their ancestors, they now recognize the importance of passing on this knowledge to you. By sharing their hard-earned experience, they hope to help you navigate life’s obstacles more easily. Moreover, making up for lost time and mending broken relationships are excellent benefits of these journeys.

Some ideas for outstanding quality time

When making plans to spend time with your elderly parents, consider their health, interests, and energy levels, and create a plan that is both enjoyable and easy to accomplish. Here are a few ideas:

  • 1
    Pull out photo albums or scrapbooks
  • 2
    Take a drive
  • 3
    Cook or fish together
  • 4
    Show them the new technologies
  • 5
    Show interest in their interests and hobbies

At Ascend Hospice Care, it is always a good time to encourage spending time with our loved ones. When they are receiving hospice care, every moment counts. We know that these times together could end up being some of their favorite memories. So please, call us if you have any questions.

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